Sefer Hasichos 5747-5752 – Set

ספר השיחות תשמ”ז-תשנ”ב (י”ב כרכים)

The Rebbe’s edited Sichos from 5747-5752.

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From the years 5747 through 5752, the Rebbe edited the hanachos of the week’s Farbrengen (and other Sichos). The edited Sichos were then generally released in Hebrew (in Kfar Chabad magazine) and Yiddish (in the Algemeiner Journal) on alternating weeks.

The set comprises 12 volumes, with each year having two volumes. 

An index of Pesukim, Maamarei Chazal, and Sefarim appears at the end of each year’s Volume II.

These Sichos are also included in the set Likkutei Sichos – Parshiyos, with each Sicha in the volume of its appropriate Parsha.

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Hebrew, Yiddish

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