Sefer Hasichos 5751-5752 – Set

ספר השיחות תנש”א-תשנ”ב (ג’ כרכים)

The Rebbe’s edited Sichos from 5751-5752.

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The Sichos is this Sefer are noteworthy in that they were said in the year preceding 27 Adar 5752, and they are the last Sichos we have heard to date from the Rebbe’s holy mouth. 

These Sichos are learned by Anash and Tmimim with great enthusiasm, as they are the Rebbe showing us how to conduct ourselves in this paradoxical time, where we find ourselves on the one hand still in Golus (with the Golus at times seeming worse than ever), but on the other hand on the very cusp of the Geulah and the revelation of Melech HaMoshiach. 

From the years 5747 through 5752, the Rebbe edited the hanachos of the week’s Farbregen (and other Sichos). The edited Sichos were then generally released in Hebrew (in Kfar Chabad magazine) and Yiddish (in the Algemeiner Journal) on alternating weeks.

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