Sefer Hamaamorim Bosi Legani (2 Vol.)

ספר המאמרים באתי לגני (ב״כ)

This 2 volume set includes all the Maamarim “Bosi LeGani” said by the Rebbe.

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This set comprises two volumes, and includes all of the Rebbe’s Maamarim over the years on the verse “Bosi Legani,” some of which were also edited by the Rebbe.

The first volume includes the Maamarim said during the years 5711-5730 while the second volume includes the Maamarim from the years 5731-5748. Other Maamarim related to the Bosi LeGani Maamarim are also included in the set, such as the Maamarim on “Hayosheves B’Ganim,” which generally discuss similar themes.

Each volume also includes Sichos and letters pertaining to or said in the days near the special day of Yud Shvat.

In this new edition, all of the Maamarim were re-typeset with a clear and crisp page layout. For the benefit of those learning additional references and footnotes were added to the Maamarim that were not Muga by the Rebbe.

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Beginning on 10 Shvat 5711, when he formally accepted the Nesius, through the year 5788, the Rebbe recited a Maamar – sometimes multiple Maamarim – on the verse “Bosi LeGani” every Yud Shvat.

These Maamarim are based on the Hemshech “Bosi LeGani,” which the Previous Rebbe released just before his Histalkus on 10 Shvat 5710. The Previous Rebbe’s original Maamar is made up of 20 chapters; throughout the years, the Rebbe would devote his Bosi LeGani Maamar to a different chapter, in order, so that after 20 years, in 5730, he completed the entire Maamar for the first time. The next year, 5731, the Rebbe began again from the beginning, and by 5748 covered almost the entire original Maamar a second time, as well.

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Lashon Hakodesh, Yiddish


תשל״ז (1977)


תשפ״ד (2023)



Number of Volumes in Set



Vol. 1: 490 Vol. 2: 431

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