Likkutei Sichos Vol. 40 (2 Vol.)

לקוטי שיחות חלק מ (ב”כ)

These sichos were edited by the Rebbe and printed over the years and in various periodicals.


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The first volume contains complete sichos, covering a full topic. The most noteworthy being the famous “Kuntres Inyana Shel Toras Hachassidus”, the Rebbe’s foundational essay on “what is Chassidus”. The sicha had until now been published in a separate booklet and in back of Sefer Hoerkim, but never in Likkutei Sichos.

In the second volume, there are a number of sichos that were only partially edited, as well as a number of transcripts of yechidus edited by the Rebbe.

Likkutei Sichos is the most well known of all the Rebbe’s works. Containing sichos on each Parsha and Yom Tov, the set can be found in virtually every Lubavitch house and shul.

The sichos in Likkutei Sichos were originally said as part of the Rebbe’s farbrengens, taking place on Shabbos, Yom Tov and yomei d’pagra. In 5718, the Rebbe began editing the selected sichos for those who used to walk to other shuls on Shabbos to say words of Chassidus.

Over the next few years, those booklets acquired the name “Likkutei Sichos”, and began coming out on a weekly basis. During the years 5719-5735, there were years when the Rebbe edited a sicha every week. However, during other years, the Rebbe stopped editing sichos for extended periods of time. From 5736-5752, the Rebbe edited a sicha for every Shabbos.

As the weekly booklets built up, they were published in books, titled “Likkutei Sichos” as well. Eventually the set grew to 39 volumes, with the last volume being published in 5761.

In 5781, over two decades after the 39th volume was published, Chelek Mem of Likkutei Sichos, containing two volumes, was published, thus making a set of 41 sforim.

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תשפ"א (2021)


תשפ״א (2021)

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