Biurim L’Peirush Rashi Al HaTorah (5 Vol.)

ביאורים לפרש”י על התורה (ה”כ)

The Rebbe’s explanations on Rashi’s commentary on the Torah.


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Biurim L’Pirush Rashi al HaTorah is a five-volume set which compiles the Rebbe’s explanations on Rashi’s commentary on the Torah.

 In total, the set contains about 450 complete biurim and close to 1,000 short notes.

 The biurim in the set are taken exlusively from the Rebbe’s edited Sichos, except for the end of Volume V, which, in addition to biurim on Sefer Devarim, also includes elucidations of Rashi not (yet) edited by the Rebbe. Also found at the end of Volume V are biurim on Rashi in Na”ch and “Kuntres Klalei Rashi,” based on the larger “Sefer Klalei Rashi.”

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The Sefer was first released by the Kollel Avreichim in Tzfas in the year 5737. After it went out of print, in the year 5747 a set was released which re-edited all the biurim found in the original edition, as well as added a great deal of material taken from the Rebbe’s Sichos in the years 5737-5746.

 In the year 5753, a new edition was released in which all the material once again underwent an expansive re-editing. Biurim from the years 5747-5752 were also added, as well as many of the Rebbe’s short notes on the words of Rashi.

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תשמ"ז (1986)


תשנ"ג (1993)

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