Bosi L’gani 5723 • 5743

As per the Rebbe’s Minhag to explain one Perek of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s Maamar ‘Bosi L’gani’ every year, Chassidim world over learn the Ma’amorim of the Rebbe, explaining the Perek coinciding with that year.

With Yud Shvat approaching, a special booklet was prepared with the Ma’amorim that are being learned this year, explaining the thirteenth Perek of the Frierdiker Rebbe’s Maamar ‘Bosi L’Gani’. The Maamorim are from the years 5723 and 5743.

The Ma’amorim are both printed in Sefer HaMa’amorim Bosi L’gani (2 Vol. set), which is set to be republished in the near future.

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